CIP Current Projects

Project Description                             Location                                       Rendering/Existing Aprox. Begin & End Date
 The Beach Restroom Project Phase 1
The project consists of permitting, construction and remodeling of 4 public restrooms.

The project will replace 2 existing restrooms buildings located at:

  • Breakwater and The Strand
  • Sportfisher and The Strand

And remodel the existing resrooms located at:

  • Mid-pier
  • Wisconsin and Strand.

Annual Street Overlay
Project removes deteriorated asphalt and replaces it with a 2” thick cap of new asphalt. On all arterial streets, a one-inch-thick leveling course asphalt is placed underneath a layer of engineered paving mat. The asphalt used for this project is made from recycled automobile tires. Due to the use of recycled tires the project is also funded by $234,640 from CalRecycle's Rubberised Pavement grant Program by State of California.

Contract: $3,137,137
Project Manger: Gabor Pakozdi (760) 435-5080
Contractor: Granite Construction Company Watsonville, CA

1- Ditmar Street, from Morse to Cassidy
2- North River Road: 400’ E. Stallion to N. River Ctr. (Night Time Work)
3- Alvarado Street: Morse to Vista way
4- Cannon Road: Lake Blvd. To Amador Drive
5- Center Avenue: Horne Street to Grant Street
6- Rancho Del Oro: Mesa Drive to Via Rancho
7- Oceanside Blvd: College Blvd. to Ord Way. (Night Time Work)
8- Vista Way: Buena Hills Drive to Rancho Del Oro (Night Time Work)
9- Mission Avenue: Foussat Road to HWY76 Bridge
10- Grace Street: Maxson Street to Foster Drive
11- El Camino Real: Fire Mountain to Via Las Rosa (Night Time Work)
12- Calle Sobrado: 4925 to 4972 Calle Sobrado
13- MacDonald: Hoover Street to 2820 MacDonald
14- Elmwood Lane: Granada to 4750 Elm Tree Lane
15- Amberwood Drive: Mahogany Drive to Elm Tree Drive
16- Hoover Street: 315-to 567 Hoover Street
17- Melrose Avenue: N. Santa Fe Ave. to Sagewood Drive (Night Time Work)
18- Rosewood Circle, Jacaranda, Peppertree Drive, Candlewood Place, Amberwood Court Cul-De-Sacs

Spring/Fall 2014
Annual Slurry Seal Project
Slurry Seal is an emulsion of asphalt, course sand and recycled tires. It extends the life of asphalt beneath. Tge estimated contract is $1,000,000 and is funded by TransNet.

1- the following cul-De-Sacs are included in this project: Raymond Lane, Rainbow Lane, Putter Place, Driver Way, Viewpoint way, Ironwood Place, Crecent Heights, Lone Spur Court, Rocksprings Place, Walnut, Spruce Court, Aspen Street, Dulin Place and north Garission Street.
2- Los Arbolitos Blvd: From Pala Road to Aspen Street
3- Ponderosa Drive: Los Arbolitos Blvd to Redwood Street
4- Lofty Grove: Rose Drive to Sycamore Drive
5- Granada: Elm Tree Drive to Rose Drive
6- Pepper Tree Drive: Elm Tree Drive to Rose Drive
7- Mahogany: Pepper Tree Drive To Amberwood
8- Elm Tree Lane: 4750 Elm Tree To end of Cul-de-sac.
9- Rose: Granada to Pepper Tree drive
10- Thomas Street: Jonathan Street to N. Emerald
11- Galbar: Thunder to west cul-de-sac
12- Terry Street: Joann Drive to Kimberly
13- Chasin: galbar to Emerald
14- Harriet: Chasin to Galabar
15- Via Aldea: Via Serra to end of cul-de-sac
16- Via Serra: Chasin to

Loma Alta Creek Detention Basin
The basin will control flooding along Loma Alta Creek. TransNet Funds provides $1,100,000 in funding.

Located on the east side of El Camino Real opposite Industry Street.
Winter 2011

French Field Remediation Phase II
The project consists of permitting and construction of baseball fields.

Located at Oceanside Boulevard and North Melrose Drive. Phase 2: To be determind