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Balderrama Park Improvements

The City of Oceanside received Housing Related Parks (HRP) grant funding for improvements to Joe Balderrama Park. Community outreach meetings were conducted to identify and prioritize improvements to be included in the project. Proposed improvements include new play equipment on colorful impact resistant surfacing. Three new separate picnic areas will be constructed throughout the park. These will include shade structures, furnishings, barbecues and lighting. Old field lighting will be removed and replaced with new energy-efficient LED field lighting. New trees, landscaping and irrigation improvements will be added adjacent to the new play area between Puls Street and Higgins Street and adjacent to new picnic areas. Construction is scheduled from the beginning of May and through July 2019. The Community and Chavez Resource Centers as well as existing Parks and Recreation programs should be unaffected by the proposed construction. During construction existing playground equipment and most picnic areas will be removed and unavailable until construction is complete.



Located between San Diego and Higgins Street


 Playground Design

Balderrama Park Overview Plan



Begin May 2019 and End July 2019

For additional information contact Randall Bliss (Project Manager) at:

(760) 435-5110

Railroad Safety Improvements (Quiet Zone)

Installation of pedestrian crossing gates and fencing at sidewalk crossing points. Upgrades of the railroad signal and communications system. New signage and longer medians at vehicle approached to the tracks. New secondary traffic signals at the Mission Avenue track approaches.

Project Manager: Gary Kellison (760) 435-5112

File No: CIP14-00013

The pace of the Quiet Zone construction is accelerating towards completion in May.  The City’s contractor is working multiple shifts and crossing locations for an on-time completion.

Scheduled trains will not be operating from Oceanside Station during the weekend of April 13-14 because of track work south of Oceanside.  The Quiet Zone contractor will be working night and day through the weekend to switch the railroad’s signal communications from the old to the new system.

The railroad operates critical safety warnings devices such as crossing gates and new traffic signals on Mission Avenue.  To make sure the new systems are working correctly, the City and its Quiet Zone contractor have scheduled a test train to operate more or less continuously through Oceanside beginning at 4:00 am on Sunday, April 14, and ending at midnight.  Because the Quiet Zone is not yet in effect, train horns will be sounding throughout the day each time a train approaches a road crossing.

When the construction is finished in May, a period of inspection by rail agencies begins.  The Oceanside Quiet Zone goes into effect after the railroad safety improvements achieve final approval.  The target date for the train horns to stop is the end of June.



On the intersections of railroad tracks with Surfrider Way, Mission Avenue, Wisconsin Street, Oceanside Boulevard and Cassidy Street.



Project under construction through May of 2019

North Santa Fe at Alamosa Park Storm Drain Repair Project

Remove and replace existing deteriorated storm drain pipe.

North Santa Fe Avenue at Alamosa Park Drive   Start Date: October 2018

Completion Date: August 2018

Tyson Street Restroom Reconstruction (Spring 2019)

This portion of the Beach Restrooms Phase 2 project includes the demolition and reconstruction of the Tyson Street Park restroom building. The new restroom structure is approximately 1,400 square feet in size and will be placed roughly in the same location as the existing restrooms. The new restroom facilities will comprised of 14 private unisex water closets and eight outdoor hand-washing basins. The proposed building materials include masonry block walls, cast-in-place concrete, wood and metal roofing materials. Improvements to the plaza are proposed as well. Existing impervious concrete surfaces within the plaza will be replaced with decorative permeable pavers, enhanced lighting and landscape treatments. Bidding for construction will take place this fall with construction schedule for winter of 2019. Construction is anticipated to be completed within 6-8 months.


Along the beach north of Tyson Street



Spring 2019

2017-2018 Annual Slurry Seal Project CIP17-00009

Generally, Work Includes: Notifications and Traffic Control; Crack Routing and Sealing; Localized Pavement Repairs; Application of Slurry Seals; Pavement Grinding; Asphalt Concrete Overlays; Utility Adjustments; and Replacement of Traffic Striping and Markings.

Residents will received a general project notification letter at the start of the project.  Additional notification letters will be issued seventy-two (72) hours in advance of any work adjacent to affected properties.  No parking signs will be posted on the street forty-eight (48) hours in advance of any work. Streets will be closed to traffic during resurfacing for a period of time.

Contact: Randall Bliss (760) 435-5110 or





Various Streets in the following neighborhoods: Downtown area; Loma Alta, Fire Mountain, Henie Hills, Del Oro Hills, Ivy Ranch, RDO Village, River Meadows.

For map of the project area City website, GIS maps.






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FY17-18 Slurry Seal Map

April 2019 Slurry Seal Schedule



Begin: Dec 1, 2018

End: May, 2019