Certificate of Correction

Certificate of Correction is used to make minor changes to the recorded Final and Parcel Maps per Section 66469 of the Subdivision Map Act.


The following shall be submitted in filing a Certificate of Corrections:

  • Processing Fee: Please see Plan Review and Processing Fees
  • Standard Certificate of Correction Form    20 KB (PDF) ,    24-KB (.doc)
  • Copy of Recorded Map
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Signed and sealed copies of City Standard Certificate of Correction form together with approved Plat Map (if applicable)
  • Updated Title Report or other evidence of present ownership

  1. The Certificate of correction shall be submitted to the Engineering Division.
  2. It will be reviewed by staff for completeness and accuracy.
  3. Once it has been approved and signed by the City Engineer it shall be sent for recordation.
  4. After recording, the original document will be filed in the City Clerk’s Office of the City of Oceanside. A copy will be sent to the City Engineer.
  5. Project engineer/surveyor can obtain a copy of the recorded document from the City Clerk’s Office.

The following guidelines shall be followed in preparing the certificate for filing with the City.

  • It shall be signed by a State of California Registered Civil Engineer authorized to practice land surveying or Licensed Land Surveyor. The certificate shall set forth in detail the actions taken to correct the problem, what was originally shown on the map, and the reason for correction
  • Show the names of the present fee owner(s) of the property (ies) affected by the corrections
  • An approved plat map (when required) showing the area being corrected shall be attached to the certificate
  • The standard City Form shall be used