Unit Cost Price

Please use the City Standard Unit Cost Price to prepare cost estimate for all landscaping, improvement, grading and erosion control plans. Cost estimate for private and public improvements must be separated and clearly noted. A separate cost estimates and title sheet must be submitted with each grading, erosion, and improvement plan for review and approval.

The City Standard Unit Cost forms may not include all items in the proposed plans. The engineer of work is responsible for including all items of work on the associated plans, including those not shown on the City Standard Unit Cost Price.

When the project estimate has been reviewed and approved, a bond and fee letter will be sent to the Developer/Owner listing all the fees and securities that are required to be paid prior to approval and signing of the final plans.

Unit Cost Price effective February 4, 2008, for all projects

  • City Standard Cost Estimate Form - for all plan types (65 KB), (39 KB)
  • Unit Cost Estimate for Improvement Plan  (80 KB)
  • Unit Cost Estimate for Grading Plan (80 KB)
  • Unit Cost Estimate for Erosion Control Plan (31 KB)
  • Unit Cost Estimate for Landscaping Plan (24 KB)