Lot Merger

A lot merger is another form of Lot Line Adjustment. It is a boundary adjustment between four or fewer parcels, where the land from two or more parcels are merged in to one or more parcels, where number of parcels created are less than originally existed, and where a greater number of parcels than originally existed are not thereby created.

A lot merger, as defined by Subdivision Map Act, in combination with Certificate of Compliance may be filed in the City of Oceanside.  

Criteria For Acceptance: The criteria for acceptance are similar to Lot Line Adjustment with the following exception: The parcels to be merged must have the same ownership and number of lots can exceed 4. Please see the General Information above for more information.

Grant Deeds for Merged Parcels: These deeds are prepared for the new merged lots. An individual grant deed shall be prepared for each merged/adjusted lot created. Use a standard Lot Merger grant deed format. The name(s) of Grantor(s) and Grantee(s) will be the same. Show APN number. The parcels owned by the same person may be included in one grant deed.

The following statement should be shown on the body of Lot Merger grant deed for each merged parcel:

  • This deed is being recorded persuant to California Government Code Section 66499.20.3 and is intended to memorialize that certain Lot Merger and Certificate Of Compliance No.  _PLA         _ _ approved by the City of Oceanside, on _______________ and recorded concurrently here with in the office of the Recorder of San Diego County, State of California to reflect the merger of lots or parcels in common ownership to create a single legal lot/parcel within the meaning of California Civil Code Section 1093.

The preamble to the new legal description (attached as exhibit “A”) in the Lot Merger Grant deed should also contain reference to the proposed lot merger and its recording information as shown below. The space for recording information will be left blank until the time of recordation of Lot merger.

  • Being Parcel “A” of that certain Certificate of Compliance for Voluntary Lot Merger No. PLA……… in the City of Oceanside, recorded on ………………………..….., as Document No. ………………………….., in the Office of County Recorder, San Diego County, State of California, More particularly described as follows;
The order of recordation is as follows:
  • Notice of Lot Merger
  • Certificate of Compliance for Lot Merger
  • Deed(s) for the merged parcel(s)

Lot merger will not be effective until all required documents including the deeds are recorded. It is the applicant’s responsibility to record all documents. The Lot Merger shall be effective when the Notice of Lot Merger, Certificate of Compliance and Grant Deeds all have been recorded. No building permit shall be issued, for development on any lot included in the lot merger, prior to recordation.

Once all documents are recorded the Owner/Developer is responsible to make sure the electronic file and/or copy of all recorded documents are sent to the associated plan checker in the Engineering Division. Once the City receives the recorded copies the process will be deemed complete and building permit may be issued.