Parcel Map

A Parcel Map is a subdivision of 4 or fewer parcels and is prepared in accordance with Section 66444 of Subdivision Map act. In addition to the 4 parcels, the map may include one parcel which is designated as remainder parcel. Parcel Maps must be prepared on 18” X 26” sheet and must be signed and stamped by a Land Surveyor or Civil Engineer licensed by the State of California.

Parcel Map submittal requirement:

Parcel Maps shall conform to all the following:

The content of every map is project specific. For accurate and up to date information on the content of each item refer to Subdivision Map Act, County of San Diego Map Processing and City of Oceanside Engineering Design manuals, City of Oceanside Subdivision Ordinance and Secretary of State web site. Also Conditions of Approval for each project contains the additional items that must be included in the map, such as fee deferment note.