The Landscape section reviews and processes landscape plans for public and private developments. As part of the plan review process, the Landscape Section is responsible to meet the City's goals for a landscaping design that are both economical and bring harmony and continuity to the City's natural landscape.

Landscaping in the City of Oceanside must meet the following:

  • Designated Street Tree List
  • Landscaping Unit Cost Estimate 
  • Compliance with federal, state, and local codes and regulations
  • Compliance with the current Landscape Development Manual (Landscape Standards),
  • Compliance with the City Landscape Regulations and Ordinances
  • Establishment of an acceptable level of harmony with the natural landscape
  • Continuity with the surrounding existing development
  • Usage of various shapes, textures, and colors, as well as practical applications in the design specific to the proposed site
  • Usage of the native and naturalized plant types that encourage wildlife habitat and protection
  • Protection against erosion for sloped, graded, and disturbed lands
  • Conservation of water by using drought tolerant plants and efficient irrigation design
  • Reducing the risk of fire hazard through site design, planting and management of flammable vegetation,
  • Providing screening for unsightly areas
  • Provide for wind break and heat gain control through plant material
  • Conserve energy by providing shade trees over streets, sidewalk, parking areas, and other paved areas
  • Increase the quality and quantity of landscape area visible from public and private streets and adjacent properties
  • Landscape aids in the prevention of storm water run-off and filters particulates often found in water prior to entering our storm drains
  • Trees help sequester carbon emissions thus providing clean air


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Landscape Development Manual  (4.14 MB)
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