Plan Review & Process

The Engineering Division - Landscape Section reviews and processes landscape plans for public and private developments. All plans and fees should be submitted to the Development Services Department (DSD) front counter for processing. Incomplete submittals will be returned to the record Landscape Architect or Engineer of work.

Plan Review & Processing Steps

  • Submit Plans to DSD. Please see plan submittal requirement. Click here.
  • Front counter will log in and assign a plan number and route plans to landscape section for review.
  • Plan review normally takes 30 working days for the first submittal, and 15 working days for subsequent submittals.

Engineering Division
300 N. Coast Hwy – Oceanside CA 92054
Phone: (760) 435-4373
Fax: (760) 435-4374

  • Plans will be reviewed by Landscape Section and other departments and all comments will be returned to Landscape Architect or Engineer of work for corrections and re-submittal.
  • Upon the second review a bond and fee letter stating the outstanding required fees and landscape security will be sent to the owner/developer.
  • Once all fees are paid, landscape securities are posted and there are no corrections to be made to the plans the final Mylar plan set may be submitted to the City.
  • Mylar set must be wet signed and sealed by the Landscape Architect of work in permanent ink.
  • Once mylars are approved and signed by the city they will be returned to the Architect or Engineer of work to retain and later used to produce As-Built Mylars.
  • An inspector will be assigned to the project
  • Landscape Architect or Engineer of work is responsible to arrange a preconstruction meeting with City inspector, owner and contractor 48 hours prior to commencement of any landscape improvements. 
    Preconstruction Meeting Review List   
  • The landscape contractor may commence work per the approved landscape plans once the preconstruction meeting has been completed.
  • Landscape observations and inspections shall be conducted by the Landscape Architect of Record and the Public Works Inspector. Refer to: 
    Landscape Certification   
    Guideline and Checklist for Landscape and Irrigation 
  • Once all work, inspection/observation has been completed by Landscape Architect of Record a final walk through will be done.
  • Architect of Record will submit an original signed Landscape Certification to the Public works Inspector.
  • Landscape Section will sign off on their section of the final certificate of occupancy for the project site.
  • The landscape contractor shall submit all the field changes/as-built information to the Landscape Architect of work.
  • Landscape Architect of work shall transfer all as-built information in to the Mylar plans in permanent ink. A bond copy of plans should be submitted to the City for review and approval.
  • Once the as-built plans are signed and approved by the City the required maintenance period will officially begin.
  • Maintenance period is 1 year for all landscape improvements that contain public rights-of-way or easements and 90 days for improvements containing only private property.
  • Once the maintenance period is ended and all plants are established the landscape security may be considered for exoneration.