Melrose Drive Extension


The City of Oceanside has begun an environmental review process to evaluate three alternative alignments for completing Melrose Drive between North Santa Fe Avenue and Spur Avenue in the northeast corner of the city. The study was approved by the City Council earlier this year.

The City is proposing to extend Melrose Drive about 3,000 feet between the two roads and to widen approximately 1,900 feet of the existing Melrose Drive south of North Santa Fe Avenue to Sagewood Drive. Currently Melrose Drive terminates at North Santa Fe Avenue on the south and Spur Avenue on the north. The extension would allow access from North Santa Fe Avenue to State Route 76 via Melrose Drive. This proposed extension is included in the Master Transportation Plan of the City of Oceanside General Plan Circulation Element and the County of San Diego General Plan.

The completed roadway would promote intra-city and sub-regional transportation service. It would also improve the regional transportation link to the neighboring city of Vista. Traffic congestion and a generally high volume and speed of traffic flow exist on the project area road segments near Melrose Drive and North Santa Fe Avenue. Difficult ingress and egress also occurs for the residences and businesses located north of North Santa Fe Avenue.

The eastern project area boundary is largely defined by Glenview Lane, in unincorporated San Diego County. Guajome Regional Park forms the majority of the western project boundary. The project corridor contains many land uses including parkland, agriculture, horse stables and training facilities, roadside retail, rural residential development, suburban tract residential development, and mobile homes.

Three proposed Melrose Drive alternative alignments are currently being evaluated. The primary differences in these alternatives are changes in the alignment of the roadway north of North Santa Fe Avenue. These alternatives push the right-of-way further east or west. Alternative A would generally extend Melrose Drive from North Santa Fe in a straight line to Spur Avenue. Alternative B would generally push the right-of-way east, reducing impacts to Guajome Regional Park, while alternative C would push the right-of-way west, reducing impacts to the existing residential parcels.

The Sagewood Drive-Melrose Drive stretch of roadway would be expanded to include two vehicle lanes and one bike lane traveling southbound, and three vehicle lanes and one bike lane traveling northbound. Melrose Drive north of North Santa Fe would provide three vehicle travel lanes and one bike lane in each direction. All of the alternative alignments would include a bridge spanning Guajome Lake Road. For more information, contact Abraham Chen, Associate Engineer with the City of Oceanside at (760)435-5121.

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