Melrose Drive Extension Questions

General Plan

  • Is Melrose Drive part of the city of Oceanside’s General Plan? Yes, the Melrose Drive Extension is included in the City of Oceanside’s General Plan Circulation Element.
  • What details does the Plan go into in regards to Melrose Drive? The General Plan does not specify an exact route for the extension of Melrose Drive, but indicates that over time it will be extended further south.
  • Why are we doing this project ahead of finishing the City’s circulation element? This project has been on the books for many years and the City Council has decided to move forward with this study. The study will use the Caltrans Series 11 traffic models, which are now being prepared, as will the City’s updated circulation element.


  • What are the projected costs for the construction and implementation of the project? The costs are not yet known, and will be addressed when the City Council decides whether or not to move forward with the process.
  • What is the cost for this study and EIR process? The cost for the EIR is approximately $780,000, which includes 30 percent design of the roadway extension.
  • Is Vista or any other city paying for the construction of this roadway? Funding Sources have not yet been identified. Once the EIR process is complete, the City Council will make a determination as to the future of the project, and the sources of funding.
  • Where is the funding coming from to pay for the EIR studies? The EIR is being funded through the City’s allocation of TRANSNET (half-cent regional sales tax).

EIR Approval Process

  • If approved, when can they anticipate construction to begin? The EIR process will take at least until the end of 2008. Once the EIR process is complete, the City Council will decide which action to take regarding the Melrose Drive Extension.
  • Who will determine the approval of this project? The Oceanside City Council.
  • Has County Parks and County Board of Supervisors been informed about this project? The City is in talks with the County regarding this project. Any land taken from the County-owned Guajome Park will be replaced by land of equal or greater recreational use potential. The City will determine exact mitigation once a route is determined.
  • How can one stop the process? The EIR process will be completed, by direction of the Oceanside City Council. The Oceanside City Council has the authority to determine the future of the project.
  • How does one give input? The best way to give input is to fill out a comment form, to ensure your input is included in the EIR.

EIR Study Implementation

  • How does one have formal correspondence with the project team? You can download a comment form from this website, and mail it to Jerry Hittleman, Acting Director of Planning for the City of Oceanside at 300 North Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054.
  • Will there be a traffic impact analysis on Melrose Drive? Yes. traffic impacts will be studied as a part of the EIR process.

Other Construction Projects Near SR-76

  • When is SR-76 going to be widened? Why can’t we wait until SR-76 is widened to extend Melrose Drive? CalTrans will decide the timetable for the widening of SR-76. The City Council decided to study the extension of Melrose Drive at this current time.
  • Who is the agency in charge of the SR-76 project? SR-76 is a CalTrans project.
  • Will Melrose Drive be extended past SR-76 to North River Road? There are no plans to do this.


  • What will happen to existing horse trails that currently provide access to Guajome Park, including the horse trail along Spur Avenue? The City of Oceanside is working with County’s Park and Recreation staff to study the different possibilities to enhance the Park’s trail system. For example, equestrian crossing at North Santa Fe Avenue and Melrose Drive is contemplated so that the two separate portions of Guajome Park can be connected.
  • What will be the effect of increased Melrose Drive traffic on adjacent residences? The EIR will analyze the traffic, noise, air quality, and public safety impacts of extending Melrose Drive.
  • What will be the project's effect on traffic on SR-76? A traffic study is being prepared that will analyze the project's effect on the surrounding road system.
  • When will the project be built? The answer is unknown. City project approval probably would not occur before late 2008/early 2009, followed by County approval. Factoring in right-of-way acquisition and construction contracting, it would appear reasonable to not expect construction before 2010, assuming construction funding is available.


  • What effect will the road extension have on existing views into Guajome Park from private residences? Visual impacts will be addressed in the EIR. Typically, private views are not protected unless a designated scenic resource or view is involved.
  • What is required when impacting vegetation? Mitigation will be required for project impacts to sensitive vegetation communities. Specific mitigation requirements will be determined as part of the biological resources study and identified in the EIR..
  • Is any consideration given to loss of property value due to the construction of the road extension adjacent to existing residences (that would not be taken)? Indirect economic and fiscal impacts are not considered under CEQA. As such, the EIR will not evaluate the Project's effect on property values.