Beachfront Improvements

New construction and building renovations to include various City beach operations and public facilities within the Pier Amphitheater area.  This project is funded in part by Measure X.

Project Manager: Darra Woods, (760) 435-5094 or

Project #: CIP19-00023

Program: Municipal Buildings

Current Phase: Construction

Duration: Began April 2020, with target completion of Spring 2022



Above: Construction continues on the roof framing for the Public Restrooms.


Above: The roof for the Maintenance building has been sealed.


Construction of the grand staircase and the plaza area was completed and opened to the public on May 28, 2021.

The new sewer lift station commenced operations on October 14, 2021. Work on the new Police Substation was contingent on the decommissioning of the existing sewer lift station. With the operation of the new lift station the old sewer lift station was decommissioned and work commenced on the police substation.

Construction of the future Police substation, maintenance building, public restrooms and site works continues. Interior wall framing / low roof framing is complete and electrical / pluming rough-ins is under construction at the future police substation. The interior wall framing is complete and electrical/pluming rough-ins are at final stage at maintenance building. The roof has been sealed since December 22, 2021. Interior drywall, mechanical duct works, roof sheet metal flashing and the exterior plaster are currently under construction. The wood roof framing is complete and the steel roof framing is under construction at public restroom. Site works and grading around the maintenance building are under construction.


Above: Restoration work continues on the 1930s bathhouse, to be converted to a Police Substation.


Both Images Above: A dramatic stand of trees, which are lit at night, adorn the newly-paved plaza.



Above: The building will house north-facing store fronts to the right, beach maintenance vehicles on the left, and 14 new restrooms in the front, along the strand.


Above: A new wider staircase was constructed and will be surrounded by beautiful, low-water use plants and mulch.



The contractor completed utility rerouting from the existing lift station to the Pacific’s manhole to expedite demo/construction of the stairways.

The contractor finished The Strand sewer work but the CCTV test failed. The contractor directed to repair the work.



Construction consisted of the critical path work to relocate the lift station from under the old bath house and the concurrent work to restore the bath house. Utility conflicts have prevented the installation of the new sewer main to the new lift station location. Staff selected The Strand option to resolve this utility conflict.

The contractor started utility rerouting from the existing lift station to the Pacific’s manhole to expedite demo/construction of the stairways.


Spring 2020

The Notice to Proceed with construction of the awarded project was issued in March 2020. Oceanside Police Department (OPD) staff were relocated to the community center on The Strand just north of the pier. Work began with the removal of existing buildings, storage containers and pavement. Selective demolition continues for the restoration/conversion of the historic bathhouse to the new OPD station. Shoring and excavation for the new sewer lift station at the will continue into June.