Beachfront Feasibility Study - Phase II

The City’s waterfront area is an incredibly valuable public resource and the need to enhance the beachfront area has been an ongoing City goal for a number of years. Over the past several years the City has taken significant actions to upgrade the area which includes the Tyson Street, Sportsfisher Drive, and Breakwater Way restroom improvement projects. Currently Phase I of the Beachfront Improvement Project is under construction. In May 2020 City Council authorized staff to proceed with the Beachfront Improvement Feasibility Study - Phase II.  

The Study Area

Phase II of the Beachfront Improvement Feasibility Study explores potential improvements to the Junior Seau Beach Community Center, Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater/ Bandshell, and the pier plaza and public spaces in between.

What is the Study?

The study will identify and analyze existing site conditions, evaluate site opportunities and constraints, and collect input from stakeholder groups and the community. Based on City needs and extensive public input, site concepts and design options will be identified and ultimately a recommended design option will be brought to City Council for approval. Prior visioning efforts have occurred and will serve as an important reference in exploring options and potential improvements.

It should be noted that this is a feasibility study, therefore the recommended design option will not be a formalized design. Funding for future design and construction phases have not been identified and are contingent on City Council direction and approval.  

Update (8-6-21)
The City’s project team is in the initial stages of soliciting community feedback on potential improvements to the area. Please note, there have been no plans discussed or presented as part of the current study that suggest demolishing and/or replacing any of the beachfront facilities or adding a parking structure in the area.


What is the Outreach Process? (Updated 4-29-2022)

Community engagement is a significant component of the feasibility study. Throughout the study, the public will have the opportunity to attend approximately 21 public meetings and provide input on opportunities, issues, and concerns related to the study area. See table below entitled “Summary of Outreach Meetings.”

In addition to community/townhall meetings, interested parties are also encouraged to attend and provide input at meetings conducted by City Commissions and Committees with oversight on potential study area improvements. The study will be brought before these various commissions and committees at key milestones in the process in an effort to share information about the study and its status, obtain input based on areas of expertise and respective purpose, and provide another forum for public comment.

Based on information gathered during the City’s extensive public outreach process, the study team will develop potential improvement design options for the area and present them to the community for additional public input, including another round of review by City Commissions and Committees. Following this additional review and comment period the team will then fine-tune the findings through the development of a preferred design.

Prior to City Council consideration, the preferred design option will be brought to the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission for its review and formal recommendation to Council.

Update (4-29-2022): Please note that the study schedule originally proposed presenting this item at approximately 21 public meetings (including commission and committee meetings). However the total number was revised to 15 public meetings after reviewing the overall study schedule, schedule of upcoming available commission/ committee meetings, and based on public feedback received to date. Therefore, the table below entitled “Summary of Outreach Meetings” has been subsequently revised to reflect the changes and updates to the public meetings in relation to the overall study schedule.

Summary of Outreach Meetings (Revised):

Schedule of Upcoming Meetings (as of 4-29-2022):

The City recently completed the first phase of the study, the “Discovery Phase”, which focused on evaluating the existing site and facility conditions, as well as soliciting extensive feedback from the public. The City is now currently working on the “Option Development Phase” of the study effort. The upcoming anticipated/planned meetings during the Option Development Phase are as follows:

Meeting Date Start Time Location

Beachfront Improvement Feasibility Study – Option Development Phase Public Outreach Meeting

Presentation (PDF): Option Development 05-25-2022 Community Meeting Presentation

Wednesday, 5/25/22  6:30 PM  Civic Center Library Community Rooms
Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting  Tuesday, 07/12/22  6:00PM  City Council Chambers
Beachfront Improvement Feasibility Study – Final Documents Phase Public Outreach Meeting  Mid August  TBD  TBD
 Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting  Tuesday, 09/13/22  6:00PM  City Council Chambers
 City Council Workshop TBD TBD TBD

Get Connected, Be Informed, Be Involved

As a member of the Oceanside community and user of these facilities, your input will be critical to the success of this study. If you would like to be added to an interested parties list please contact project manager Darra Woods at (760) 435-5094 or By requesting to be part of this list, you will receive periodic emails of upcoming meetings and outreach events.


Project Manager: Darra Woods, (760) 435-5094 or

Project #: CIP21-00006

Program: Community Facilities

Current Phase: Study

Duration: Start Feb 2021, Anticipated Completion Summer 2022