El Corazon Park Site 1 Study & Design

El Corazon (The Heart, in Spanish) is a City-owned parcel of 465 acres, once utilized as a sand pit, located in the center of Oceanside, bounded by Rancho Del Oro Drive on the east, Oceanside Boulevard on the south, El Camino Real on the west, and Mesa Drive on the north.

An ongoing planning process that began in 2003 was facilitated by dedicated citizen’s committees. Through their work, the El Corazon Specific Plan was developed and eventually adopted in 2009 to guide the land use decisions created through public outreach and master planning efforts. The El Corazon Specific Plan, in part, divided the park land at El Corazon into nine park sites.

El Corazon Specific Plan

The Study Area

El Corazon Park Site 1 is the first of the nine park sites to developed. While the El Corazon Specific Plan describes El Corazon Park Site 1 as 36 acres of developable park land, at this time there are only approximately 17 acres available to developed due to current property land use agreements in place. The design of El Corazon Park Site 1 will include an approximately 630-space parking lot on the south-east side (in addition to the 17 acres) and two multi-use field (to be within the 17 acres) due to a current agreement in place with Oside Arena Holdings, LLC, developer of the approved Frontwave Arena which is adjacent to El Corazon Park Site 1.


What is the Study?

The study will identify and analyze existing site conditions, evaluate site opportunities and constraints, and collect input from the stakeholder groups and the community. Based on City needs and public input, site concepts and design options will be identified and ultimately a recommended design option will be brought to the Parks and Recreation Commission, and finally to City Council for approval. Prior visioning efforts have occurred during the development of the El Corazon Specific Plan and the Prop 68 Grant pursuit and will serve as an important reference in exploring options and potential improvements.

What is the Outreach Process?

The study will include two (2) public outreach meetings. The first of those meetings will be held via Zoom to gain an understanding of what the public would like to see at El Corazon Park Site 1 given the site constraints and the second will be held in-person to determine the conceptual plan that best suits the needs of the Community. Community input is requested during both of the public outreach meetings.

El Corazon Park Site 1 Public Outreach #1 (2022)

Schedule of Upcoming Meetings

Second Public Outreach Meeting: (El Corazon Park 1 Fact Sheet - Community Meeting #2)
Thursday February 2nd, 2023
6:00 PM at El Corazon Event Center
3306 Senior Center Dr.
Oceanside, CA, 92056

Get Connected, Be Informed, Be Involved

As a member of the Oceanside community and user of these facilities, your input will be critical to the success of this study. If you would like to be added to an interested parties list please contact project manager Kymberly Corbin at (760) 435-3534 or KCorbin@oceansideca.org. By requesting to be part of this list, you will receive periodic emails of upcoming meetings and outreach events.

Project Manager: Kymberly Corbin, (760) 435-3534 or KCorbin@oceansideca.org

Project #: CIP21-00020

Program: Park Fees

Current Phase: Study

Duration: Estimated study completion of Winter 2022/2023