Downtown Storm Drain & Infrastructure Improvements

Project Description:
This Redevelopment/Capital Improvement Project provides a storm drain system for the collection, conveyance, treatment, and discharge of storm water runoff for approximately 10 acres of downtown redevelopment area.

The area (232 KB) benefited from the project is generally located west of the railroad right-of-way, south of Civic Center Drive, east of Pacific Street, and north of Seagaze Drive;

Otay Pipe Pipe Laying

The project will include but not be limited to:

  • construction of new pavement on Myers Street between Pier View Way and Seagaze Drive;

  • dry utilities (gas, electric, telephone, cable TV, etc.) conversion, relocation, and “joint trench” installations in Myers Street, Pacific Street, Seagaze Drive, Mission Avenue, Pier View Way and The Strand.
  • removal or slurry filling of obsolete storm drain pipes and appurtenances;
  • installation of approximately 2,200 feet of reinforced concrete pipes up to 36 inches in diameter and to 15 feet in depth;

Otay Pipe Pipe Laying Dry

  • construction of 22 reinforced concrete inlet and cleanout structures;
  • approximately 2,800 feet of new curbs, berms, and gutters;
  • approximately 26,000 square feet of full depth pavement replacement;
  • an outlet structure with reinforced concrete headwall and rip rap energy dissipater;
  • a storm water quality treatment system consisting of a precast vault with rechargeable media-filled filter cartridges and a high flow bypass structure;and
  • a limited portion of the existing crib wall at the coastal bluff will be replaced by a mechanically stabilized earth wall.

Project Location:
Myers Street from Pier View Way to Seagaze Drive, Pacific Street from Pier View Way to Mission Avenue, Pier View Way from Myers Street to Pacific Street, an alignment immediately north of and parallel with the Oceanside Municipal Pier crossing the coastal bluff, The Strand and the beach.

Construction activities are anticipated to begin in January 2011 and scheduled to end before summer.

Traffic control:
The project is scheduled to be constructed in several phases. Detailed traffic control plans will be developed by the contractor for the Traffic Engineer’s approval for each phase of the construction. In general, periodic lane closures or temporary street and sidewalk closures with appropriate detours may occur at limited locations with the least amount of interruption to the flow of traffic to the local businesses, the Pier and the residential areas. The work hours will be between 8 am and 4 pm.

There will be up-to-date traffic control announcements and detour signs posted in the area.

The following traffic control plans will show the location of project site and how it will affect the traffic.