Operation and Maintenance Plan (O&M)

Implementation of a long term Operation and Maintenance Plan (O&M) is required as part of the final engineering phase of a Priority Development Project (PDP).  The San Diego RWQCB Municipal Permit requires the City to annually verify that all treatment and flow-control facilities are correctly installed and adequately maintained.

 O& M Standard Template based on 2013 permit (Order No. R9-2013-0001)

To demonstrate compliance with O&M requirements, all PDPs are required to prepare  an O&M Plan that identifies, at a minimum, the following:

Project Description    

Owner's Name and Contact Information

Designated Responsible Party

Permanent BMPs


BMP Maintenance

BMP Inspection

Inspection & Maintenance Records

Maintenance Estimate

Supporting Exhibits

Executing a Storm Water Facilities Maintenance Agreement (SWFMA) or acceptable alternate maintenance mechanism

The City also verifies the ongoing function of storm water management features that are not treatment or flow control facilities, which left unmaintained, would cause BMP failure.

 Owners will be contacted by City Staff on an annual basis to provide confirmation of BMP maintenance.  Annual maintenance verification may include a site inspection by City Code Enforcement Staff.