Storm Water Quality Assessment (SWQA)

Prior to project submittal, all development and redevelopment projects applying for discretionary or administrative permits are subject to a formal Storm Water Quality Assessment (SWQA) determination. The objective of the SWQA is to provide and ensure all new and redevelopment projects receive a consistent and thorough initial review, with the purpose of categorizing projects, determining applicable Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) requirements and serves as a mechanism for record keeping of approved projects. The SWQA determination also demonstrates to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) that each project receives a consistent review and enables the City to document project categorization and satisfy the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit requirements.


SWQA form shall be completed for each project and be submitted for formal review and determination. SWQA submittals will be distributed to the Engineering Division for review. At a minimum the following documents are necessary to perform a SWQA Determination:

  • Completed, site specific Storm Water Quality Assessment Form SWQA Form (Revised 6/4/20)
  • Supporting Plans (Site Plan, Development Plan, Plot Plan, Tentative Map, Etc.)
  • Project Description and Justification
  • Disturbed Area (Acres)


Upon receipt of a complete submittal package staff will review the project to determine applicability of State, County and City storm water regulations. Once review is completed, the applicant will receive a formal SWQA determination, categorizing the project as one of the following:

  • Projects not subject to SWQMP requirements (Exempt Projects)
  • Standard Development Projects (SDP)
  • Priority Development Projects (PDP)


All SDP and PDP projects are subject to preparation and submittal of SWQMP. Please note that all projects that have been determined to be a PDP, must be prepared by a registered Civil Engineer. At the discretion of the City Engineer, in those cases where a project has been determined to be a SDP, a Licensed Architect may be allowed to prepare the SWQMP.