Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

The City of Oceanside has a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator who is responsible for organizing bicycle and pedestrian safety/awareness events, expanding school bicycle safety programs, and is the city’s representative on the Oceanside Bicycle Committee. Additional responsibilities include reviewing proposed development plans for applicable bike lanes/paths/routes, improving signalization for bicycle and pedestrian traffic, and responding to public concerns and requests. Bicyclist

Bicycle Safety

The Oceanside Bicycle Committee reviews bicycle related collisions, addresses bicycle safety /awareness issues, and discusses ways to promote cycling throughout the city. The committee is composed of City staff, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition members, League of American Bicyclists certified instructors, volunteer bicycle activists, and residents of Oceanside.
The City of Oceanside is recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle Friendly Community. Oceanside was awarded the bronze level designation for a Bicycle Friendly Community in September 2008. This bronze level designation is valid until August 2012. Oceanside has approximately nine miles of bike paths, 17 miles of bike routes, and 70 miles of bike lanes.

Engineering Division
300 N. Coast Hwy – Oceanside CA 92054
Phone: (760) 435-4373
Fax: (760) 435-4374

The City of Oceanside has completed the updates to the Bicycle Master Plan. The last update to the Bicycle Master Plan was in 1996 as part of the Recreational Trails Element. The newly updated plan was unanimously approved by City Council on December 17, 2008. The Bicycle Master Plan identified existing bikeway conditions; analyzed the needs and future growth of the City’s bikeway facility system; and developed recommendations to create a safe, effective, and cohesive bikeway system throughout the City.

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To view the motorist educational video Share the Road

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Pedestrian Safety

The goal of Oceanside’s Pedestrian Master Plan is to establish future planning and design standards for development within the city that focus on creating an accessible and safe physical network for pedestrians. Oceanside’s Pedestrian Master Plan promotes a pedestrian friendly environment through the enhancement of circulation, connectivity, and mobility for pedestrians in the city. Improvements in pedestrian access to the beaches, pedestrian facilities, and the installation of crosswalks and sidewalks are just some examples that aid in creating a pedestrian friendly community.
The City of Oceanside completed its first Pedestrian Master Plan in November 2009.

To view the City of Oceanside’s Pedestrian Master Plan, click here  (27 MB).

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