Oceanside Circulation Element

As a required component of the City of Oceanside's General Plan, the Circulation Element provides the framework for all aspects of transportation. This framework includes everything from how local and regional traffic will circulate through our City under both existing and future conditions, as well as, addressing the needs of bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit and rail users. Additionally, there are a number of established goals and policies aimed at helping the City to improve the quality of life for its residents with the goal of reducing impacts to the environment.

In the Circulation Element Appendices, you will find the following:

Appendix A – Bicycle Master Plan
Appendix B – Pedestrian Master Plan
Appendix C – Complete Streets Checklist for Oceanside
Appendix D – Existing Roadway Segment Classification
Appendix E – Proposed Master Transportation Plan Roadway Segment Classification
Appendix F - Proposed Master Transportation Plan Key Intersections
Appendix G – Traffic Impact Study Detailed Guidelines
Appendix H – Future Transit Service Information
Appendix I – City of Oceanside’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

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Circulation Element AppendicesAcrobat icon (31.33 MB)

App A-NOP & Responses
App A-NOP-Atts 1-3
App B-Noise-Air-GHG
App C-Biological Resources
App D-Cultural Resources
App E1-Sunnyvale Circ Element
App E2-Adjacent Roadways Capacity 2030 Analysis
App E-Traffic-Circulation
App F-Circulation Element
App G-SB