Permits and Applications

The Transportation Engineering Section is responsible for the review and approval of Right-Of-Way (ROW)/ Beach Access permits, traffic control plans, and haul route permits which are required for the construction of any projects that are in the public right-of-way and/or affect the normal flow of traffic.

Right-Of-Way (ROW)/ Beach Access Permits

  • A Right-of-way/ Beach Access Permit is required for any special event or construction activity in the public right-of-way (ROW). The public ROW is typically the area beyond your private property line and can include the sidewalk, parkway (the open space/landscaped area between the curb and sidewalk or the sidewalk and private property), curb & gutter, and the street. The public ROW also can include City easements, alleyways, and beach areas.
  • The Right-of-way/ Beach Access Permit is processed at the Engineering Division Front Counter
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For more information and copy of all forms please click on the link below.

Right-Of-Way (ROW) / Beach Access Permit 

Traffic Control Plans

  • A traffic control plan (TCP) is required for any special event or construction activity in the public right-of-way that disrupts the normal flow of traffic and supplements the ROW/Beach Access Permit. The primary purpose of a TCP is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of motorists, bicycles, and pedestrians through or around construction zones while protecting the workers, equipment, and construction areas. A TCP is typically an illustration or graphic which depicts the exact location of the construction area, the roadway geometrics, and the temporary traffic control for the work. Multiple phases of construction will require separate TCP’s for each different phase.
  • Traffic control plans shall be consistent with the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CAMUTCD)for temporary traffic control and the San Diego Regional Standard Drawings for traffic control plans (Appendix A).
  • Traffic control plans are processed along with Right-of-way/ Beach Access Permits at the Engineering Division Front Counter.


Haul Routes

A Haul Route Permit is required for the transport of excavated or fill material to or from the site of any grading or construction operation. These permits are issued through the Engineering Division.

Haul Route Permit (594 KB)

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