Relaxed Business Regulations During COVID-19

The following options are available to Oceanside businesses to enhance business operations while State and County Health Orders related to COVID-19 are in place. Please see San Diego County's webpages for information on the safe reopening of businesses/commercial entities and specific information for restaurants/food and beverage providers.

UPDATE (7/20/2020):  Please visit the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology webpage for guidelines for outdoor operations of personal service uses, such as hair salons and barber shops.   To further review the COVID19 Industry Guidance and safety measures for these personal service uses, please review the Cal/OSHA website link.

In response to San Diego County Department of Health restrictions on indoor operations for certain business types, the City’s streamlined application process is now applicable to affected businesses such as fitness centers, hair salons, personal services and other uses. Please select the “commercial operations” field on the application form to apply to operate in a public right of way such as a sidewalk or public parking lot, or in an adjacent private parking lot. Businesses with adjacent private outdoor space and/or existing approved private patio may remain open (without having to submit an application)  provided operations are restricted to outdoor only and comply with industry guidance. See the separate links for the State of California's industry guidance for restaurants, bars/breweries/distilleries and wineries and tasting rooms


  • ALCOHOL TO GO: Restaurants that provide alcohol services and possess an Alcohol Beverage Control Department (ABC) license may sell alcohol with to-go orders if allowed by ABC. Please visit the Alcoholic Beverage Control Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates page for additional information.
  • OUTDOOR OPERATIONS ADDED: A streamlined process to allow businesses to convert adjacent sidewalks, plazas, walkways, and certain outdoor areas to provide temporary outdoor seating for customers and other outdoor operations is now available. Please review the outdoor eating sample plan to ensure your site plan includes the required information. If one wishes to erect a temporary structure, please follow the State's CA Temporary Structure guidelines and follow up with the Fire Department. The City's Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Expansion Permit Applications and Guidelines for Retail Businesses and Restaurants  Program can be downloaded below:
    Temporary Outdoor Expansion Guidelines and Procedures
    Temporary Outdoor Expansion Permit Application 
  • USE OF PRIVATE PARKING LOTS: Private required on-site parking spaces may be converted to outdoor dining or retail space, when the lot is immediately adjacent to the parent property.  See the Temporary Outdoor Guidelines and Procedures for additional details.  
  • CURSIDE PICKUP: Certain businesses may provide curbside pickup of products by utilizing public space such as on-street parking spaces, right-of-way, etc., or may utilize private space such as parking spaces, drive aisles, etc. Please visit San Diego County's COVID-19 page for additional information.
  • ADDITIONAL DRIVE-THRU LANES: Fast food restaurants may request temporary additional or extended drive-thru lanes. Please contact the Planning Division for more information.
  • OUTDOOR DISPLAYS: Businesses may request to display products outside of their store on private or public land. Please refer to the Temporary Outdoor Expansion Permit Guidelines and Procedures above or contact the Planning Division for more information.
  • PARKLETS: Restaurants may request that on-street parking be temporarily converted to dining or commercial space during the current health order. The temporary guidelines can be found here and the application here.  Please review the parklet site plan example to ensure your plan includes the required information.  A future Parklet Policy for operations on a more permanent basis is currently under review and staff will present the policy to the City Council in the near future. Please contact the Planning Division for more information.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact the Planning Division at (760) 435-4373 or