General Plan


The City is currently in the process of updating its General Plan.  For information on the General Plan Update, please visit


 Introduction / Table of Contents  (3.56 MB)

 Land Use Element  (8.66 MB)

   Recreational Trails Element  (14.71 MB)

  Housing Element (2021-2029)   (5.7 MB)

Draft Revised Housing Element (2021-2029) - HCD Compliance Review Feb 2022

HCD Draft Housing Element Compliance Review Letter -  June 6, 2021

Summary of City Responses to HCD Compliance Letter

   Environmental Resource Management Element  (26.81 MB)

  Community Facilities Element  (14.05 MB)

  Public Safety Element (17.98 MB)

  Noise Element  (16.82 MB)

  Hazardous Waste Management Element  (17.99 MB)

  Military Reservation Element  (3.9 MB)

  Appendix A Redevelopment Plan  (18.41 MB)

  Appendix B Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan  (17.71 MB)

  Appendix C Glossary  (1.68 MB)

  Appendix D Index (788.2 KB)

  Circulation Element  (25.85 MB)

               Circulation Element Appendices  (31.33 MB)

  Economic Development Element (EDE)  (21.23 MB)

              webpage  Economic Development Element Appendices  

  Energy and Climate Action Element (ECAE)  (21.33 MB)

  Economic Development Element Quick Reference Guide  (11.67 MB)

  Energy and Climate Action Element Quick Reference Guide  (1.92MB)

  Climate Action Plan (CAP)  (7.78 MB)