The gO’side Free EV Shuttle Pilot Program Now Available Downtown Oceanside!

In April 2022, the Oceanside City Council approved an allocation of American Rescue Plan Act funds for an electric vehicle shuttle pilot program to serve the Downtown Oceanside area from June 2022 to November 2022.

The fully electric shuttles will provide riders with a free, fun, safe, efficient way to travel around Downtown Oceanside during the 2022 summer season.


Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week

Service Area: Downtown Oceanside (Oceanside Harbor to Vista Way, west of Interstate 5)

How to Ride: Download the “Ride Circuit” app and choose “Oceanside” under “Locations” or you can hail a shuttle as it’s passing by, provided there is availability onboard and a safe place to stop.

Download the free "Ride Circuit" app to get started. It's free at the Apple or Andriod stores by simply searching for "Ride Circuit". Once you’re signed up, select “Oceanside” as the location, and start your free rides!




Frequently Asked Questions

How is this free?

The City of Oceanside is sponsoring this pilot program through November 2022. 

Can kids join the ride?

We love having kids along for the ride but our priority is to keep them safe, so the vehicles follow individual state car seat and child passenger laws.  Please find the basic requirements below along with links to full state regulations.  if your child does not meet state requirements they must be secured in a car seat or booster seat provided by a parent or guardian to comply.

  •      Children must be 8 years of age or have reached 4'9" in height to be secured by a safety belt.

     California Law - Child Safety Seats

Can pets join the ride?

We love having pets along for the ride but welcome them at the discretion of each individual driver and the other passengers in the vehicle.  please speak with your driver when they arrive to confirm it is acceptable and remember to follow this pet etiquette:

  •    Pets are not allowed on seats
  •    Your pet must stay on your lap or on the floor between your legs at all times
  •    Pet must remain inside the vehicle at all times

Should I tip the drivers?

Gratuities for drivers are appreciated but never required, and are completely at your discretion.  in Oceanside, the gO'side shuttle is no-cost and sponsored by the City of Oceanside in this trial pilot program.

Is this shuttle handicapped accessible?

Some of the shuttles have storage boxes on the back which may fit a foldable wheelchair.  if this pilot program, get extended in the future, the City will explore more options.

For questions regarding the program, contact Michelle Geller, Economic Development Manager, at or 760-435-3351.