Agritourism:  When agriculture and tourism interconnect to help farmers make money.  This begins when the public visits working farms, ranches or wineries to buy products or enjoy entertainment and may participate in activities, shop for products, eat a meal or stay overnight which results in a boost to the farms revenue. Agritourism, is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry that offers a variety of education, relaxation, outdoor adventures, shopping and dining experiences.

Oceanside is working to capitalize on this culture by working with the farmers in South Morro Hills to develop additional Agritourism activities to Oceanside.

The Tier 1 Agricultural Zone amendments were effective as of November 2018. The zoning allows agricultural property owners to open cafes, wineries, breweries, vegetable and fruit stands, hold you-pick-it events and host people in a bed and breakfast on their working farms. The link to Article 14 of Oceanside’s Zoning Code has the specific requirements for starting your business. Contact Economic Development for assistance or for more information at (760) 435-3352.

ARTICLE 14 Agricultural 

Agritourism Strategic Plan

Draft Agritourism Tier 1 Activities Matrix - For comments on the Zoning Text Amendments email: Robert Dmohowski

South Morro Hills Community Plan