Parking Administration

The City of Oceanside provides access to its expansive beaches and scenic Harbor with many conveniently located City parking lots. Each parking lot has specific guidelines based upon local activity. Please view the map for locations and guidelines.


Request and Purchase Parking Permits 

To request and purchase a parking permit online please click on the following link and follow the instructions:

You will be asked to create a user ID and password, upload government ID, vehicle registration and proof of Oceanside residency if the ID and registration do not have an Oceanside address. Once the application is approved, you can log back in and pay for the permit. After the payment is received your permit will be mailed to you; office pick-up is currently unavailable. Please allow 7-14 business days from when you submit your request.


Annual Beach Permits

Annual Beach Permit Parking Rules and Regulations

The Annual Beach Permit Program allows patrons to park in the beach and Harbor pay lots without having to pay the parking fees. The cost of the parking permit is $100 for permanent residents and $200 for non-residents, and they are valid for one year between the months of July through June. Permits are not valid during posted Special Events. Current vehicle registration and proof of residency is required. Other lot restrictions apply.

There are two types of beach permits offered:

Transferable Hanging Permit: The transferable hanging parking permit has no replacement program. If the hanging permit is lost or stolen you must purchase a new permit at the prorated monthly fee. Parking permits displayed incorrectly, or not at all, will be issued parking citations that will not be dismissed.

Permanent Decal: The permanent parking decal is affixed to the windshield and is not transferable. The decal has a replacement program if the vehicle is stolen, sold, or the windshield is broken. A replacement permit will be available at the cost of $10.00 upon surrender of the old decal. A new application is required.


Residential Permits

Residential permits are issued to people who live in the following qualifying area:

Pacific Street north of Tyson Street to Ninth Street/Breakwater, with the exception of the west side of Pacific Street between First Street/Seagaze and Fifth Street/Sportfisher, which is presently designated a “No Parking Zone”; Myers Street north of Tyson Street to Fifth Street/Sportfisher; and the portions of the following streets west of the railroad tracks: Eighth/Neptune, Seventh/Windward, Sixth/Surfrider, Fifth/Sportfisher, Fourth/Civic Center, Third/Pier View, Mission, First/Seagaze, Tyson, Fir, Pine, Elm, Ash, and Oak and Wisconsin (north side only).

Oceanside Traffic Code Sec. 13.24

Permits will be issued only to permanent residents of eligible dwelling units. An eligible dwelling unit is defined as: “ A dwelling unit with an address on a street included in the Beach Parking Meter Area or on The South Strand (between Tyson and Wisconsin Streets) where the resident of the dwelling unit can demonstrate that adequate on-site, off-street parking for vehicles owned by the resident is not available. (Multi-family dwellings of 25 or more units which provide guest parking shall not be eligible for guest parking permits).”

Residential Permits are $10 per permit.

North Coast Village and San Miguel Condos do not qualify, per City Ordinance.

There are two types of residential permits:

The Permanent Sticker is issued to vehicles proven to have no off-street parking provided. These permits are affixed to the lower left-hand corner of the front windshield. They are only issued to vehicles registered in the name of the owner, or tenants that are listed on the lease.

The Guest Permit is a hang tag. It is assigned to the resident and may be used on any vehicle. Only (2) guest permits can be issued per residence.


Verification Requirements

  • Proof of Ownership - assessor records, grant deed, etc. Owner permits are issued for three years, or
  • Proof of Residency - lease or current rent receipt. Tenant permits are issued for one year.
  • Picture ID
  • Vehicle registration for permanent stickers



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