Establishing or Terminating Utility Services

To establish or cancel water, wastewater, and solid waste service in the City of Oceanside, contact us at (760) 435-3900. If you prefer to do business in person, you are welcome to visit our office at 300-C North Ditmar Street, City Hall East.

A request for establishing service should be made at least two working days prior to the desired date of occurrence, and there is a $47.00 set-up fee. If the water is turned off at the property, it can be turned on the same day if the request is made before 2:00 pm. Requests made for same day service after 2:00 pm are subject to a $218.00 after-hours fee.

Customer Service Feedback

COVID Utility Service Relief Program

The City of Oceanside has created a utility service relief program for businesses that must remain closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the program is to support Oceanside's local business community and provide a temporary relief of water, sewer, and solid waste utility services by temporarily stopping all utility services and charges.

  • Eligibility: Qualifying businesses include bars, restaurants, and establishments that were identified for immediate closure in the Amended Order of the Health Office of Emergency Regulations of the County of San Diego, dated March 16, 2020. Eligible businesses are closed to the public and not providing take-out, catering, or drive-through services. Services that do not have separate water meters, such as those in multi-tenant buildings, are not eligible. Businesses that are not eligible for the program may receive utility relief through a reduction in solid waste services and/or right sizing by contacting
  • Solid Waste Service Requirements: All solid waste services (carts and dumpsters) may remain on site if customers are able to secure carts and/or bins. If the customer is not able to secure the carts and/or bins, or a nuisance is created by use or dumping, Waste Management will remove them at no additional charge at the request of the customer or City.
  • Reinstatement: Upon rescission of the Health Officer of emergency Regulation of the County of San Diego's Order, a customer is eligible to reinstate service. The customer must initiate reinstatement of services by contacting the City's Utility Billing Division at (760) 435-3900.

Business Verification/Implementation Process: In order to be considered for the COVID Utility Service Relief Program businesses must contact the City's Utility Billing Division using one of the methods below.

Once staff has received the business's information, staff will initiate the verification process. In some instances, an on-site verification will be conducted by City staff to verify eligibility and fire safety.

Implementation of the Program by an eligible business will cease water, sewer and solid waste services and charges. Upon notice from the City’s billing department, Waste Management will immediately cease the routing of collection services for approved businesses.

Reinstatement or set-up fees associated with starting or stopping utility services under the COVID Utility Service Relief program will be waived. Other fees or final bill balances that would typically be due and paid prior to reinstatement will not be waived.