OFD Command Training Center (CTC)

The Oceanside Fire Department Command Training Center is a state-of-the-art facility located at our Training Division and represents the future of incident command training. Using interactive simulations of routine and large-scale incidents, Chiefs and Company officers are given the opportunity to develop and hone the skills necessary to successfully manage fire ground emergencies. Ultimately, these command decisions will result in the preservation of property and the reduction of firefighter and civilian injuries and deaths.

Our CTC training program utilizes the Blue Card Command curriculum and is currently one of only three recognized Blue Card Command Training Centers in California. The program requires participants to successfully complete a 50-hour online course before being evaluated in the Simulation Laboratory. The evaluation process is completed over a three-day period at the CTC, and participants who successfully complete both portions of the program receive nationally recognized certification as a “Blue Card Incident Commander.”

The Blue Card Command Certification Program is a state of the art training and certification system that teaches Company and Command Officers how to standardize local incident operations across their organization. The program uses a combination of online and in-class simulation training which results in an Incident Commander solution that finally addresses local Hazard Zone operations.

The Blue Card Incident Commander Training and Certification Program are designed to manage local, NIMS Type 4 and 5 incidents. These two incident types account for more than 99 percent of a department’s incident activity. Until the advent of Blue Card, there has not been a curriculum or standard for an Incident Commander to manage a local, Type 4 and 5 Hazard Zone Incident Command Systems.  Blue Card training is a critical component of fire officer development. This particular Command Training facility greatly enhances the realism and quality of emergency scene management training. The laboratory is configured to simulate "real-world" training in a variety of emergency situations encompassing incidents such as:

• Residential fires
• Multi-unit residential
• Strip mall commercial
• Small to medium size commercial
• Big box stores
• Hazardous materials releases
• Mass casualty incidents
• Wildland incidents

Computer projection models are used to provide visual clues, which are generated through the use of special effects, graphics, and animation software. These are controlled through a standard computer by menu-driven software. The goal of the simulation training is to provide firefighters with a variety of visual and auditory cues that will enhance the decision-making process in practical situations.

Realism is enhanced with the use of the following props:
• 16 separate interactive unit consoles
• Instructor console to run incident
• Several big screen monitors to evaluate incident
• Separate room for first in Incident Commanders
• Dispatch console, with live CAD terminal, radio and tone generator
• An exterior garage to allow Oceanside command Vehicle and visiting agencies the ability to utilize their own command vehicle during the simulation exercise.

To learn more about the BLUE CARD Incident Command training, please click on the link: Blue Card Command.