EMT Program

Oceanside Fire Department EMT Program is possible due to the passing of Measure X.

  • Each EMT hired is limited to a maximum of three years.
  • EMTs complete a two-week EMT Academy to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to respond in a 911 service. This training include vehicle operations and ride outs.
  • EMTs are assigned to one of three ambulances as a partner with a Firefighter/Paramedic or on a Basic Life Support Unit staffed with two EMTs.
  • All EMTs in Oceanside practice their skills and improve their knowledge with the goal to gain the experience and mentoring necessary to succeed in public service.

Three of the four Oceanside ALS ambulances are staffed 24 hours by one full-time EMT and one full-time Firefighter Paramedic. An additional two Oceanside BLS units are staffed 24 hours by part-time and full-time EMTs. As Fire Department employees, they work 24-hour shifts and respond from City fire stations. These stations include Fire Station 1, Fire Station 4, and Fire Station 6.  Fire Station 3 and Fire Station 7 have full-time BLS ambulances staffed for 24 hours.  Click here for the list and locations of Oceanside Fire Stations. 

Emergency Medical Technicians receive pay and benefits. This position is intended to provide Emergency Medical Technicians with a strong background and training for entry into the fire service. Consequently, employees in the position are employed on a limited-term basis, which allows for a maximum of 36 months of employment. During this time, an EMT may resign while in good standing to attend a fire academy or paramedic school, with the intention of returning to the department within one year to complete the maximum 36 month contract term. Recruitments to establish a hiring list for Ambulance Operators are conducted as needed, and usually occur annually.

To be notified of the next recruitment for EMT, complete an interest card. Check the categories of “Fire and EMS” or “EMS”, and you will be notified by e-mail when the next recruitment is announced.

Checklist to become an OFD EMT

More information about preparing to become an OFD EMT