Community Risk Reduction

It is the goal of the Community Risk Reduction Division to ensure our residents, business community, employees, and visitors are safe. This is accomplished through public education and enforcement of applicable codes, regulations, and standards. By partnering with the community, everyone will be able to safely enjoy the great quality of life that Oceanside offers.

Tim Scott 
Division Chief

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for fire and life safety throughout the City of Oceanside. This is accomplished through the Oceanside Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau:

  • Community Education  
  • Enforcing Fire and Life Safety Codes   
  • Construction Plan Review 
  • 24 hour, 365-Day per year Arson and Fire Investigation Services
  • Fire Inspection Program
  • Hazardous Materials Regulation 
  • Fire Incident Reporting 
  • Vegetation Management 
  • Special Events Review  
  • Fire Safety Booth at Harbor Days
  • Coordinating Station Tours
  • Planning 4th-of-July events
  • Holding OFD Open House
  • Smoke Detector Program
  • Ironman Triathlon Public Safety


    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide the best customer service by working as a team to coach and educate those we serve; and to enforce applicable codes and standards in an effort to develop a safe and resilient community.


    • Altruism - Always putting others before ourselves.
    • Chain of Command - Following the Chain of Command when we make decisions or seek information.
    • Communication - Ensuring two-way communication with all who we serve.
    • Customer Service- Remembering that without our customers, we do not exist. 
    • Honesty - Whether it is positive or negative, we must be truthful. 
    • Integrity - Always doing the right thing, especially when no one else is looking.
    • Life Safety - Making decisions to provide for the best safety of others.
    • Respect - Showing respect for ourselves, others, and our organization.


    To become forward-thinking by utilizing technology; become as efficient as possible; minimize hazard risks to emergency responders and the community; encourage responsible development through relationship building; and educate the public regarding fire and life safety.

        Through these extensive activities, the Fire Prevention Bureau fulfills the Fire Department's mission of protecting threats to life, the environment, and property.

    Frequently Requested Information and Links:

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    Knox HOME Box: A security box that grants the Fire Department access to your home and loved ones in an emergency without property damage.

    Knox Box Standards  A security box that grants the Fire Department access to your business or complex in an emergency without property damage.

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