Development Guidelines


The plan check unit performs fire safety plan review and approves architectural plans for various types of occupancies.  They also meet with developers, engineers, and architects for proposed projects.  All fire protection systems are reviewed by the plan check unit. 

 Fire sprinkler, fire alarm, kitchen hood systems, and other plans regulated by the Fire Code:

  • Submit three sets of plans for review.
  • Plan Check will retain one copy and two copies are returned to the client.
  • Fire plans required by the Fire Department are reviewed in house.
  • No actual permit is issued through Plan Check – our approval and your stamped copies are all you need!
  • The fees for the plan check and subsequent inspections are billed after-the-fact.  No money is necessary up front.
  • When your plans have been approved, we will contact you to come pick them up.
  • If you ship your plans to us and want your copies shipped back, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope, or provide other shipping arrangements.

All other plans (including Healy systems and High Pile Storage/Racking) need to be submitted to the City of Oceanside Building Department.  You can find the Building Department’s requirements here.

The Fire Department will contact you if there are any questions regarding your submittal, corrections to be made, and when the plans have been approved.


Call (760) 435-4101 to schedule any inspections. Please have the following information at hand when you call:

  • Project address
  • Project name (if applicable)
  • Type of inspection you are scheduling
  • Project/site contact and phone number

For information on Emergency Roadway Access Guidelines click here: Emergency Access Roadway Guidelines.