Weeds & Fire Hazards

We recommend you maintain at least 100 feet of defensible space around your home or business. Dry vegetation and waste must be cleared in accordance with the City of Oceanside Nuisance Vegetation and Waste Clearance Standards.

Creating defensible space is essential to improve your home or business’ chance of surviving a fire. It’s the buffer you create between a building on your property and the grass, trees, shrubs, or any wildland area that surrounds it. This space is needed to slow or stop the spread of a fire and it protects your home from catching fire – either from direct flame contact or radiant heat. Defensible space is also important for the protection of the firefighters defending your home or place of business.

The City of Oceanside Code Enforcement Division regulates vegetation and waste clearance requirements. They can be contacted at 760-435-4500 or at Code Enforcement Website.

Why 100 Feet? Find out here.

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