Property Owners are Responsible for Clearing Weeds

We all see them -- those knee-high patches of weeds that diminish a neighborhood’s beauty and contribute to fire hazards. They took off with the recent rains and are now left to brown in the spring and summer.


Sandbags for Oceanside Residents

Sandbags are available at the City Operations Center, 10 per household and bags at front office.

Sandbags are also available at El Corazon for anyone, they will load for small fee.

Any person can also call hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, they should have them for sale.


Thank you to the Oceanside community

City officials and staff are taking time to reflect on recent emergency events and want to take a moment to thank the many individuals and organizations for the generous outpouring of support through the days and nights when the Lilac fire threatened the Oceanside community.

( News Release )