About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the Oceanside Public Library is to engage, inform, connect and inspire.

Our Vision

The Oceanside Public Library will be the cultural heart of Oceanside, empowering the community by promoting literacy, information access, civic engagement, cultural inclusiveness, and openness to new ideas.

Library Strategic Plan 


Racial Equity Statement

The Oceanside Public Library, a department of the City of Oceanside, is committed to cultivating racial equity and inclusion. By contributing to a more just society, the Library envisions a community where all are welcome and enjoy a sense of well-being.

When race can no longer be used to predict life outcomes, and those outcomes for all groups are improved, racial equity has been achieved. Yet, in Oceanside, in California and across the United States, a person’s race remains a key predictor of well-being, access, opportunity, and safety.

The Library is central to its community, and an essential participant in the movement for racial equity. The Library is proud of such a role, but should not become too comfortable with an image of progress and achievement. Only by acknowledging the difficult realities of life for many in Oceanside can the Library’s vision lead to action and change.

The Library is working to achieve racial equity both within the organization and throughout the Oceanside community it serves, by conducting self-examination and making a long-term commitment. The Library will emphasize racial equity and inclusion in its Strategic Plan, with these goals:

  • Creating and maintaining an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect.

  • Reaching and engaging people of color.

  • Ensuring that library services, policies and procedures do not negatively impact communities of color.

  • Addressing challenges by facilitating conversations and partnerships with organizations and leaders who work with Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

  • Building a work force which, across the breadth and depth of job classification, reflects its community.