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Coursera Provides Free Online Learning for Job Skills in 2021

Would you like to get a job in a new field? Get a better job in the same field? Coursera will help unemployed, furloughed or employed part-time workers gain a competitive edge by providing courses or certificate programs, in which participants can learn in-demand skills and discover paths to new jobs or career advancement. Coursera is made possible to eligible participants by Oceanside Public Library in response to the employment challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Oceanside Public Library card holders admitted to this program can choose from the 3,000+ options on the learning platform at no personal cost.

With Coursera, learners can develop or hone skills such as Business English, Contact Tracing, Data Analytics/Business Analysis, Computer Programming, Digital Literacy, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) exam preparation, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, IT Support, Software or App Development, Project Management, Web Design and much more. Courses vary in length and can be completed at the pace of the individual learner and are to be completed fully online. Intermediate computer skills are required for Coursera courses.

Interested individuals are invited to fill out an assessment form at and then will be contacted about next steps and eligibility for enrollment in 40 curated collections of courses or any of the 3000+ course offerings from universities across the globe.