City Manager

The City Manager’s Office is responsible for the implementation of decisions established by the Oceanside City Council and the coordination of those efforts through various City departments.  The City Manager’s Office includes policy implementation, budget development, legislative support, strategic planning, information technologies  and economic development.  In addition, the Office provides leadership and oversight  for all of the operational departments.

The City Manager’s Office assists the City Council in the development and formulation of policies, goals and objectives and keeps the Council informed of important community issues.  It provides administrative direction to the City’s executive directors and is responsible for managing the activities and operations of the City, ensuring the provision of quality services in a cost effective manner.


Michelle Skaggs Lawrence

City Manager 

(760) 435-3065     


Oceanside Sales Tax Feasibility Survey Report - 2017

Tri-Data Report: Fire Service and Resource Deployment Analysis  (5.19 MB)