Building Maintenance


The Building Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining 30 buildings owned and/or operated by the City of Oceanside. Building Maintenance is divided into several specialty areas including a full time custodial staff supplemented by some contract custodial services. Larger buildings like the Civic Center and the Police station have full time on site maintenance personnel. These skilled workers take care of daily maintenance issues that arise such as changing lights, performing minor plumbing repairs, heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair of broken or malfunctioning windows and doors, furniture moving, office relocations and many other services that keep the City of Oceanside operating comfortably and efficiently.

The Crafts section of the department consists of a small crew of talented craftsmen who not only tackle the more technical tasks at the Civic Center and Police station but also bear the responsibility of performing roaming repairs to all of the outlying buildings in the city. These buildings include the City Operations Center, 8 Fire stations, 5 recreation centers, the Senior Citizens Center, Surf Museum, Airport, Sunshine Brooks Theatre, Americanization school and the buildings at Heritage Park. The scope of tasks performed by the crafts crew covers a wide range from minor repairs to full scale remodels including, planning, demolition, framing, dry walling, painting, cabinetry, tile work, concrete, roofing and finish work.

Building Maintenance also bids, schedules and oversees more technical or larger contracted jobs such as carpeting, elevator maintenance, complete re-roofing and systematic heating and ventilation maintenance.

The Building Maintenance Department assures that city buildings are in compliance with applicable codes, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and on occasions consistent with historical correctness.

Serving the role of landlord to its renters the department is constantly called on to address both minor and major issues. Building Maintenance strives to prioritize their tasks by addressing critical issues immediately, necessary issues in short order and everything else on a scheduled basis. Minor, low priority or convenience requests are addressed as soon as time permits.

Building Maintenance responds to over 2000 written requests for service annually and an equal number of requests reported verbally.