RDA/Downtown/Successor Agency

What is Redevelopment?

Redevelopment is a tool created by state law to assist local governments in eliminating physical, economic and social blight and revitalizing deteriorated areas.  The Community Redevelopment Law was adopted by the State of California in 1951 and allows cities to create a redevelopment agency.  Through redevelopment efforts a community benefits with the revitalization of the area, new development and rehabilitation, the creation of new jobs, better business opportunities, higher property values, reduced crime and increased revenues in the project area.

The Oceanside Redevelopment Agency was formed in 1975.  The Redevelopment Plan for the Oceanside Downtown Redevelopment Project Area was adopted on November 12, 1975 and is comprised of 375 acres located west of I-5, north to Harbor drive and south to Wisconsin Avenue.   The Oceanside Redevelopment Agency is a legal public entity that is separate from the City of Oceanside.

The mission of the Oceanside Redevelopment Agency is to establish Oceanside as business and visitor center for commerce, recreation, tourism, entertainment, arts and housing and to enhance the City’s social and economic status for residents and visitors. The revitalization of downtown encourages substantial private investment that is seen in developments like Oceanside Terraces, Ten-Ten Lofts, and the Wyndham Pier Resort to name a few.  Public investments include infrastructure such as the new 450 space parking garage and the North Coast Highway landscape improvements.

Where is it?

Redevelopment Boundary Map