Government Relations

The City Manager's Office actively works with State and Federal legislators to promote the City's projects and priorities when advocating for legislation that may impact Oceanside.   Additionally, it is the policy of the City Council that the Mayor and/or his/her Council designee will represent the City on legislative visits to Washington, D.C. and/or Sacramento, along with appropriate staff.  

Legislative Platform

The primary objective of the Legislative Platform is for the City Council to adopt official City positions on clearly stated legislative issues at the start of the legislative session.  By doing so, the City's legislative approval process is streamlined, and City staff can rapidly react to proposed legislation which impacts Oceanside without taking each item before the City Council for an approved position.   The Legislative Platform was developed with input received from the City Manager, Department Directors, and a review of legislative priorities from partners such as the League of California Cities.  For proposed legislation consistent with the City’s Legislative Platform, staff is authorized to prepare position letters for the Mayor’s signature.

Priority areas outlined in the City’s Legislative Platform include:

1.  Public Safety

2.  Housing and Quality of Life

3.  Economic Development 

4.  Fiscal Stability

5.  Transportation and Infrastructure

6.  Smart and Sustainable City

7.  Coastal Protection and Enhancement

8.  Local Control

Legislative Platform

Legislative advocacy letters sent 2020-2021: