Code Enforcement Regulations

The City of Oceanside is concerned with your neighborhood environment and keeping it a safe and pleasant place to live. The City has adopted codes to safeguard this environment. Some of these codes are explained below. The City's Code Enforcement Division (760-435-3945) can answer your questions about the codes and initiate action to enforce them.

Vacant & Dangerous Buildings

Structures that are allowed to sit vacant and unsecured soon become a place where illegal activity may occur and can threaten the community. Such structures must be secured from unauthorized entry and kept free of trash, debris, junk and graffiti.

New Construction or Remodeling

Before you draw up plans for additional units, converting a garage to living area, or enlarging existing buildings on your property, you need to speak with the Planning Department (760-435-3520) to see if these changes will be allowed by the Zoning Ordinance.

Building Permits

Permits assure that work is done properly; permits are required for your health and safety. Before you begin a new construction or remodeling project, make any repairs or changes to your electrical, plumbing or gas systems, you need to speak with the Building Department (760-435-3950) to see if a permit will be required and to obtain more information.


Garages are not considered habitable space and may not be used for living, dining, cooking, or sleeping purposes.

Motor Vehicles

It is unlawful to store vehicle parts, wrecked, dismantled or inoperable vehicles anywhere on your property other than in your garage, behind a six-foot solid fence, or other location out of public view. A vehicle that is operable may not be parked in your side or rear yard setback areas, nor in your front yard except on your driveway. Vacant, unpaved lots cannot be used for parking.

Campers, RVs, Trailers & Other Recreational Vehicles

You may not live in any parked vehicle or trailer on your property, any vacant site or a street. Nor can you connect them to any electrical, gas or water system.

Vehicle Repair

You may make minor repairs to your own vehicle in your driveway or garage. Any other type of repair is not allowed except in a properly licensed and permitted vehicle repair garage. Vehicle repair of any kind is not allowed on the public streets or alleyways.


Animals such as roosters, ducks, geese, or goats are not allowed on your property. You may have only three dogs at a time living on your property.

Trash, Debris and Junk

Trash, debris and junk must not be allowed to accumulate and must be removed.


Tall grass, weeds, or dead vegetation are fire hazards and must be cleared.

Trash Containers

Trash containers, green waste bins, and recycle bins must be stored in a side or rear yard area screened from public view, except when properly placed for collection.

Garage Sales

The City considers garage sales to be occasional events to sell used household items. A resident is allowed to have only two garage sales during a calendar year. Each sale can only take place over a one-to-two-day period and only at your own residence. New merchandise and food cannot be sold at garage sales.