Homeless Services and Resources


The City of Oceanside and its nonprofit partners have a comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness with a focus on outreach, providing access to services, support for shelters and affordable housing, and enforcement through public safety and code enforcement:   City of Oceanside Comprehensive Homeless Strategy

The City of Oceanside participates in The Alliance for Regional Solutions, which coordinates the Bridge Housing Network for the North County region.  The Bridge Housing Network is collaborative of providers who offer short-term housing solutions, case management and services directed at navigating North County's homeless men, women and families towards permanent housing.   Homeless persons may contact the agencies on the Homelessness Assessment Flyer to be referred to resources.  







The City of Oceanside’s Neighborhood Services Department works with the Alliance for Regional Solutions, a coalition of nine cities and more than 50 non-profit service providers and funders. The Alliance was first assembled to develop a winter homeless shelter system. This was accomplished 11 years ago, and is now evolving into a “Bridge to Housing” program to move chronically homeless individuals and families into permanent housing. The Alliance has taken the lead in North County to implement the Coordinated Entry System, a centralized data system used by agencies to ensure that services are being coordinated in order to maximize resources and alleviate duplication of homeless services.



The City Council adopted a Resolution on October 18, 2017, to declare a temporary shelter crisis, to allow churches to shelter up to 50 homeless people without having to obtain a Condition Use Permit, and to open on November 1, 2017 through April 15, 2018.  

List of North County Shelters 



Affordable Housing provides safe, sustainable and attractive homes to low and moderate-income families and seniors who might otherwise be unable to continue living in their hometown and near their families and jobs.   Affordable housing encourages upward mobility by enabling residents to save for higher education and home ownership.  The City of Oceanside administers local, state and federal programs that increase the supply of quality affordable rental and for-sale units in the city.  Learn more about Affordable Units in Oceanside and throughout San Diego County



The Oceanside Police Department's Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) provides real-time services and engagement for individuals and families living on the street.  These activities are designed to be proactive and use a multi-disciplinary approach. The HOT operates on beaches, under bridges, in parks, alleys and public spaces throughout Oceanside, as well as holding standing office hours for walk-ins.  The City of Oceanside has recently expanded the Homeless Outreach Team’s capacity to better connect those experiencing homelessness with available resources by adding a social worker to accompany the HOT.  The social service worker ensures the homeless enroll in health benefit programs and CAL fresh programs (food stamps).  San Diego County Health and Human Services Nurses also assist in the field weekly in administering Hepatitis A vaccinations.  To complement the HOT efforts, the City frequently partners with Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams (PERT) to discuss best practices to address common clients. Members of the Neighborhood Policing Team have specialized training in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).  Members of the community can take advantage of an Oceanside Police Department CPTED analysis, where suggestions are provided to reduce the likelihood of crime taking place at businesses and residences.  Lighting type, vegetation, fencing, and access to water and power all play a role in whether a location is more or less susceptible to crime.


Also known as San Diego County’s Point-in-Time Count, We All Count is a yearly annual homeless census and community campaign coordinated by the Regional Task Force on the Homeless (RTFH). Over 1,600 volunteers are needed to help count every individual and family experiencing homelessness in San Diego County, and survey the circumstances of their homelessness with a follow-up interview. This project helps us better understand and identify effective solutions to homelessness.  Oceanside has an annual deployment site for the count.  Volunteers are needed and training is provided.  Volunteers must register in advance at https://rtfh.volunteerhub.com/events/indexFor more information, please contact Angie Hanifin at 435-3363 or Margery Pierce at 435-3360. 




For additional resources for homeless services, please click here.

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