Mobile Home Rent Control

The Manufactured Home Fair Practices Act was originally adopted by the Oceanside City Council on June 23, 1982, and was codified as Chapter 16B of the Oceanside City Code (Ordinance No. 82-27). 

The space rent limitations, also known as rent control, provided by the Ordinance became effective January 1, 1985.  Prior to enacting the ordinance, the City Council had determined that there existed in Oceanside a shortage of rental spaces for manufactured homes, which shortage had resulted in low vacancy rates and rapidly escalating rents.  The stated purpose of the Ordinance was to protect residents of such parks from unreasonable rental increases, while at the same time preserving for the park owners a “just and reasonable return” on the park owner’s investment. 

Rent Controlled Spaces at Mobile Home Parks

This web application shows the location of Mobile Home Parks with the number of Rent Controlled Spaces within Oceanside. Click on the link above to access the map.

Manufactured Home Fair Practices Commission

The Commission consists of total of five regular members and two alternate members.  Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City of Oceanside Council Chambers.  The primary duties of the Commission relate to the processing and granting of applications for adjustment of space rent and applications for exemptions provided in the Ordinance.  Such duties include ordering appropriate investigations and conducting hearings as required by Chapter 16B and the Administrative Guidelines.

Oceanside Mobile Home Parks

There are currently 17 mobile home parks in Oceanside that lease spaces to owners of mobile (manufactured) homes.  Click on the link above for a list of parks in Oceanside. 

For additional information about Oceanside rent control or the City of Oceanside’s Manufactured Home Fair Practices Ordinance, please contact Angie Hanifin, Housing Administrator, at (760) 435-3363 or