Mobile Home Rent Control

 As a landlord of a mobilehome park or tenant who lives in a mobilehome, you are part of a unique housing community that is covered by both the City of Oceanside’s Manufactured Home Fair Practices Act, limiting increases in rent, and State Law (Mobile Home Residency Law).  The Manufactured Home Fair Practices Act was originally adopted by the Oceanside City Council on June 23, 1982 as Chapter 16B of the Oceanside Municipal Code (OMC; Ordinance No. 82-27) and became effective January 1, 1985.  The stated purpose of the Ordinance is to protect residents of such parks from unreasonable rental increases, while at the same time preserving for the park owners a “just and reasonable return” on the park owner’s investment. 

Oceanside Mobile Home Parks & Rent Controlled Spaces 

There are currently 17 mobile home parks in Oceanside that lease spaces to owners of mobile (manufactured) homes.  Click HERE for a list of parks in Oceanside. The web application below shows the location of Mobile Home Parks with the number of Rent Controlled Spaces within Oceanside. Click HERE to access the map.

Setting Rent Increases

The Manufactured Home Fair Practices Commission processes and considers applications for the adjustment of space rent and applications for exemptions provided in the Ordinance.  Such duties include ordering appropriate investigations and conducting hearings as required by Chapter 16B and the Administrative Guidelines.  Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City of Oceanside Council Chambers. 

The annual rent adjustment, also known as the annual permissive, is set at the lesser of an:

  • Eight (8) percent increase; or
  • Increase equal to seventy-five (75) percent of the percentage increase in the CPI for the calendar year in which the application is filed as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

See OMC Section 16.b.9(c) Click HERE
See Consumer Price Index (CPI) Click HERE
See Applications, Documents & Forms Click HERE
See Exemptions from Rent Control Click HERE

The annual rent adjustment is effective as of July 1st of each year, if approved by the Commission and when the City has determined, after a physical inspection of the park, the park is in compliance with all health and safety standards required by California law.

2022 Space Rent Ceiling is 3.9 percent.
2021 Space Rent Ceiling is 1.13 percent.

2022 Manufactured Home Inspection Status

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For additional information about Oceanside rent control or the City of Oceanside’s Manufactured Home Fair Practices Ordinance, please contact Leilani Hines, Housing and Neighborhood Services Director, at (760) 435-3377 or