Oceanside Skateparks



Skateboarding has been present in the City of Oceanside for many years. The Oceanside Skatepark system is unique and was formally established in December of 2001 with the opening of the Temporary Downtown Skatepark. The successful Downtown Skatepark has since closed but has made way for more Oceanside skateparks. Since 2001, the Parks & Recreation Division has built four more neighborhood skateparks at Martin Luther King Park, Melba Bishop Park, John Landes Park, and Libby Lake Park, expanding upon the original concept. But Oceanside hasn’t stopped there, look for future remodeling of existing facilities at John Landes and Libby Lake Parks.

Today, skaters of all ages can enjoy a variety of challenging skatepark courses throughout the city with multiple styles such as “street” and “tranny”. The Martin Luther King Skatepark, Melba Bishop Skatepark and the future Alex Road Skatepark were designed and built by the Seattle-based company Grindline Skateparks, which was founded in 1990 by a multi-talented team of Skateboard Park Designers, Concrete Craftsmen, Construction Managers, and Professional Skateboarders, who are dedicated to producing the best skateparks on the planet. Grindline has designed and built skateparks all over the country and world. Oceanside is one of the few Southern Californian cities to have not one, but two Grindline Skateparks.


Daylight hours only.  Open 365 days per year


  • Skateboards only
  • Commercially manufactured helmet, and elbow and kneepads are required for all persons in skating area
  • No smoking, alcohol, or drug use
  • No skating or skateboarding under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or the combined influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Keep off fences and walls
  • No skateboarding or skating in parking lot, sidewalks, curbs, or entrance area near skating area
  • No amplified music or audio headsets
  • No unauthorized equipment, obstacles, or apparatus
  • No food or beverage on skating surface
  • No glass bottles
  • No graffiti, tagging, or stickers
  • Dispose of trash in trash receptacles
  • No formal contests of any kind or organized activities without a special events permit from the City
  • Do not use this facility if any hazardous conditions arise; report any damage/hazardous conditions to the City of Oceanside
  • Be respectful of others and share the space