Surf Camp

Spring Break 2022 Surf Camp Sessions


Oceanside’s famous Surf Camp teaches surfing and ocean safety to campers 8-16. Activities include surf instruction, beach games and lessons on ocean safety. First time applicants MUST pass a swim test before they can register.

Foam boards and rash guards are provided to participants to use during camp.  Participants need to pack any additional beach day supplies for personal use. We recommend a swim suit, sunscreen, a sweat shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a sun hat, two towels, plenty of water, snacks and a lunch. Children are also welcome to bring their own wetsuit to wear under their camp rash guard.

Children may bring their own surfboards. Hardtop surfboards will be subject to a skills test to ensure the participant is safe and comfortable catching waves on the outside.

Summer Surf Camp takes place just North of the pier near the Junior Seau Beach Community Center.
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The Surf Camp Swim Test

All first-time surf campers must pass a swim test before they are able to register. Surf camp swim testing takes place at our Aquatics hubs, Brooks Street Swim Center and William A. Wagner Aquatics Center. To make an appointment, please call BSSC at (760) 435-5225 and WAC at (760) 435-5370. Returning campers do not need to take their swim test again.

Our pre-registration Surf Camp swim test for ages 8 and up consists of:

  • 100 yard swim

  • Treading water for 5 minutes


Our pre-registration swim test for Junior Surf Camp for campers 6 & 7 consists of:

  • 15 yards Front Crawl

  • 15 yards Back Crawl

*If Junior Surf Campers have passed our Children's Learn to Swim Jellyfish course, they do not need to take a swim test before enrolling.

In the spring months, Parks & Recreation Aquatics holds a Swim Test Prep class to prepare children for the Surf Camp Swim Test as well as the Oceanside Junior Lifeguards Swim Test.  During this course, children will get the opportunity to re-adapt to the water, build endurance, and have the opportunity to pass their surf camp swim test.

Participants cannot register in surf camp before successfully passing our swim test.
Registration is first-come first-served.  We do not hold positions.

How to Register:

  1. Set up an Active Account for yourself, add your children on after.

  2. Call Brooks Street Swim Center & make a swim test appointment.

  3. Submit your child's OAAR Emergency Form online or in person.

  4. Pass the swim test.

  5. Enroll!


Done with your swim test & ready to enroll?