Granny's World:
Technology Education

Technology has made the world increasingly connected, making it easier than ever to stay in touch with loved ones and find information on everything from health to consumer advice. While younger generations have grown up with technology at their fingertips, it can be challenging for everyone else to stay up to date.

Fortunately there is Granny’s World!  Now more than ever technology has the ability to keep us safe and connected with our community.  Through City of Oceanside Parks & Recreation, we’re offering Oceanside Seniors ages 65 & up free training in how to use electronic devices to improve your quality of life.

The goal of Granny’s World is to give seniors hands-on training in how to use computers, laptops, tablets, hot spots and smart phones to be able to

  • Easily connect with family & friends while seeing their smiling faces

  • Order groceries online for pick-up or delivery

  • Make and attend doctor’s appointments in a safe & convenient way

Granny’s World can make it happen for all you Grams and Gramps! The staff from El Corazon and Country Club Senior Centers are excited to invite you to discover Granny’s World! A new communication program that will help you stay in touch with loved ones and neighbors while making your daily life easier.

To find out more please contact Homer Post, (760) 435-5531 email him at

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