Women's 7v7 Soccer




All games are played on Monday nights at 6:30pm, 7:30pm, and 8:30pm at Martin Luther King Junior Park.


$375 Residents, $425 Non-Residents

$30 cash each week for umpire fees.

Have a team wanting to join the league?

 Please fill out our: Women's Team Soccer Registration Form

  Submissions for the upcoming season will start being accepted at 12am on December 5th, 2022. Applications submitted before that will not be accepted. 

Are you a free agent wanting to join a team?

 Please fill out our: Women's Single Player Soccer Registration Form.

 Your information will be sent to all current team managers. It is up to one of them to then contact you if there is a spot   open on their team.

 Women's Soccer House Rules


Spring- starts approximately mid-February
Fall- Starts approximately mid-August


Division 1 (Rookie & Intermediate) - A "fun" league for NEW & beginning players who have played before. 

Division 2 (Skilled) - For intermediate players.

Division 3 (Advanced) - For advanced and most talented players.

Upcoming Season: Spring 2023

League will start on February 13th and ends May 1st. Team registrations will open December 5th

6 Teams max in each division.

Top 4 teams qualify for the playoffs. Semi-finals are on April 24th and Championships are on May 1st.


For any additional info: Contact Daniela, Recreation Specialist, at (760) 435-5217.

For updates, news, schedules, scores and standings, please visit: