Neighborhood Officers

The Neighborhood Policing Team is a specialized unit within the Oceanside Police Department's Support Operations Division that works with members of the community to develop both short- and long-term solutions to ongoing issues within their particular neighborhood.

"Our goal is to assist community members in creating a plan for enhancing the quality of life within their neighborhood, then to work with them to develop specific strategies that will enable them to accomplish their set goals and objectives."

Neighborhood Officers

The Neighborhood Policing Team utilizes a variety of tools and resources to assist them during their daily duties. One of the most important tools available is the Neighborhood Community Meeting. These meetings are critical in maintaining an open line of communication between the community and the Police Department. It is here that current neighborhood issues are identified and the individual roles that the community and the Police Department play in the resolution of those issues are developed.

The Neighborhood Policing Team also added that

"It is important that the community take the lead on this. Remember, this is their neighborhood. We want to know what they believe are the issues confronting their neighborhood and what they believe their role is in resolving those issues. We then want to know what we, the Police Department, can do to assist them in accomplishing their goals. With that information, we are able to focus on specific problems and develop aggressive enforcement and educational plans that will support the efforts of the community to resolve those problems."


The Neighborhood Policing Team is then able to enlist the assistance of other units within the Department and from other City departments (such as Code Enforcement, Public Works, City Attorney) and bring them all together in a concentrated effort. Outside agencies such as Probation and Parole also prove to be invaluable in addressing issues of mutual concern.

By combining the efforts of the community, the Police Department and other government agencies and/or departments, we enhance our ability to be successful in achieving our overall common goal of reducing crime and enhancing the quality of life for citizens within the City of Oceanside.

Officers assigned to the Neighborhood Policing Team are assigned by sector. Below is a map that illustrates the breakdown of the City, according to areas of responsibility.

For more information regarding the Oceanside Police Department's Neighborhood Policing Team and/or to speak with someone about an ongoing issue in your neighborhood, feel free to contact the Unit Supervisor Sgt. Greg Stahley or use the below chart and map to contact the officer assigned to your area for assistance.

Sector 1 -  Officer Beatriz Gonzales (Tues-Fri)

Sector 2 - Officer Ashley Witherspoon  (Mon-Thu) 

Sector 3 - Officer Luke Rubish (Tue-Fri)
Sector 4 - Officer Gabriel Cobian (Mon-Thu)


Crime Prevention Specialist Ashley Sanchez (Mon-Thu)