Adam Knowland


Captain Knowland was born and raised in Los Angeles County. Captain Knowland began his Law Enforcement career at the 30th Regional Police Academy in 1995 as an open enrollee and began his career with the Oceanside Police Department upon completion.

Captain Knowland has held a variety of assignments throughout his career, including NETWork, Field Training Officer, and SWAT Operator. In 2002, he was selected as a Gang Detective in the Special Enforcement Section. In 2004, he was assigned to the North County Gang Task Force where he remained until his promotion to Sergeant in 2008. In 2009, Lieutenant Knowland returned to the Special Enforcement Section as the gang unit Sergeant until October 2011 when he was promoted to Lieutenant. As a Lieutenant he was assigned as a Watch Commander with the collateral responsibility of Harbor Commander until January 2013 when he returned to the Special Enforcement Section as the unit Commander. In 2013, Captain Knowland returned to SWAT as the Executive Officer and assumed command of the team in July 2015. In 2018, Captain Knowland was promoted to his current rank.

Captain Knowland is currently assigned to the Support Operations Division.