Alarm Information

False Alarm Prevention

The Oceanside Police Department has developed an aggressive campaign to prevent false and unnecessary alarms while providing public safety to all.  By assisting in the resolution of false alarm problems from many directions and on many levels, the Department hopes to reduce unnecessary dispatches, even as thousands of new alarm systems come into use.

False Alarm Prevention will depend upon the participation of residents, commercial businesses, and individual alarm companies in controlling false alarms; this cannot be accomplished without your assistance. Consider your responsibility in preventing false and unnecessary alarms, thus saving all citizens precious tax dollars.

Alarm Registration Information

All alarm systems installed in the City of Oceanside must be registered with the Police Department. Information booklets and registration forms are available at the public counter. There is no fee. You can register online by completing the forms below. Should you need proof of registration, you may email for your registration number

Alarm Registration Forms

City of Oceanside residents only. Camp Pendleton residents should contact on base authorities. 

Prevention Payments

For more than one such false alarm within any 365-day period (not calendar year), the following prevention payments shall be assessed:

Second false alarm within 365 days: $50
Third false alarm within 365 days: $75
Fourth false alarm within 365 days: $125
Fifth false alarm within 365 days: $175
Sixth and subsequent false alarms within 365 days: $250

After any false alarm in excess of four in any 365-day period, the Chief of Police may notify the person in principal possession and control of the alarm system and the alarm service company providing service for the alarm system, of the Police Department’s intention to suspend future alarm responses until the Chief has been provided with satisfactory evidence of correction of the problem and all prevention payment fees duly assessed under this section have been paid.

Alarm Testing

An owner or lessee of an alarm system shall notify the Central Receiving or Answering Service prior to any service, test, repair, maintenance, adjustment, alteration, or installation, system which might activate a false alarm and result in a Police or Fire Department response. Any alarm system activated where such prior notice has been given shall not constitute a false alarm.

False Alarm - Public Nuisance

Any alarm system having six or more false alarms within a 365-day period is a public nuisance. As an additional, cumulative and separate remedy, such system may be abated upon order of the Chief of Police in accordance with the procedures established in the Oceanside City Code, or by judicial action.

Automatic Shut Off Requirements

All systems that incorporate an audible alarm as part of the system shall include a device which will limit the generation of the audible sound portion of the system to 30 minutes.

For further information regarding the alarm program please contact the alarm coordinator at (760) 435-4501 or