The Oceanside Police Department is committed to providing superior service to the residents, businesses, and visitors of the City of Oceanside. Feedback from community members is essential to achieving that goal. While it is important to point out the things we need to improve, it is equally important to point out the things we do right. It is very rewarding to everyone in our department to know that people appreciate our hard work and dedication. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Oceanside Police Department at (760) 435-4900.

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Professional Standards Unit - (760) 435-4455

This Unit is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct involving any member of the Police Department. The Professional Standards Unit staff have been trained on personnel investigations and disciplinary issues. The Internal Affairs investigative process is meant to provide a thorough and fair review of misconduct allegations.

All allegations of misconduct are thoroughly and objectively investigated to maintain integrity within the organization and the trust and confidence of the community we serve. This process has been developed through many years of hard work and dedication. For further information on the Professional Standards Unit, please read the following complaint procedure.

Citizen Complaint Procedure

The Chief of Police has the legal mandate to ensure that a well-defined procedure exists for the investigation of complaints against department personnel.

The employees of this department are carefully selected, highly trained, and serve with a pride of professionalism. However, as in any large organization, deviations from ideal performance occur. Allegations of misconduct against department personnel are investigated thoroughly and objectively, with the goals of maintaining the integrity of the department and the confidence of the public.

What if I want to make a complaint?
If you believe a member of the Oceanside Police Department has committed an act of misconduct, you may ask to speak to the Watch Commander or his/her designee. S/he will discuss the matter with you, and may be able to resolve the issue immediately to your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, and in  some instances, the matter may need to be handled more formally.

As circumstances permit, the matter will be discussed with the involved member. S/he will be provided with correction, guidance, or training as necessary. Your position on the matter may simply be explained so similar instances may be better handled in the future.

If a more formal process is warranted, the complaint will be given directly to the Chief of Police for review and assigned to a member in the Professional Standards Unit. Your complaint will be taken seriously and it will be thoroughly investigated. The Chief of Police will then review the results. If misconduct is found, the member may be disciplined.

Will I be notified when the investigation is completed?
After your formal complaint is investigated, you will receive a letter from the Chief of Police or his designee advising you of the results.

If I'm under 18, do I still have the right to complain?
Yes, bring one of your parents, legal guardian, or a responsible adult with you.

What will happen to the member?
If the actions are found to be improper, the member may be disciplined. If the actions were legal and proper, the member will be exonerated. Should the facts indicate the complaint is false, then the complaint will be unfounded.

How long will it take?
That depends on the amount of investigation necessary. You may contact the Professional Standards Supervisor at any time to check on the status of your complaint investigation, Internal Affairs Sergeant Justin Pecchia (760) 435-4535.

What if I'm not satisfied with the investigation?
We sincerely hope that will not happen. If it does, you may contact your representative on the City Council, or in some cases, the San Diego County District Attorney or Grand Jury.

To speak with someone about your complaint, call:

24-Hour Access Line (760) 435-4900
Patrol Supervisor (760) 435-4980
Professional Standards (760) 435-4455
Chief of Police (760) 435-4450


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