Senior Volunteer Patrol Program

SVPP MembersThe Oceanside Police Department held its first academy for the Senior Volunteer Patrol Program (SVPP) in 1995. The program has grown steadily and has a team of over 60 multitalented members. Volunteers are required to be 50 years or older and be residents of Oceanside. The SVPP is designed for senior citizens who wish to serve their community while working in partnership with police to promote public safety and service programs.

SVPP members provide many services to the community, such as ticketing illegally parked vehicles in handicapped designated parking stalls, assisting with traffic control, performing vacation home checks and conducting "You Are Not Alone" (YANA) visits to the homebound. In an effort to increase traffic safety, SVPP members also assist the Traffic Services Unit with DUI Safety Checkpoints.

SVPP members have the option of performing administrative duties or patrol duties. For safety purposes, volunteer patrol duties do not place volunteers in confrontational situations. Patrol duties enable the volunteers to serve as the eyes and ears of the Department. They are equipped with radios and are always able to communicate with police officers.

As the program grew in size, a rank structure was developed and implemented. This allows the volunteers to advance within the program.

To reach us, please call (760) 435-4763.