Gangs Unit

The Special Enforcement Section is tasked with monitoring, tracking, and investigating incidents involving gang members and affiliates. Gang Investigators network closely with other law enforcement agencies to ensure that the most current gang trends and activities are noted so that enforcement strategies can be developed to address them.

The Department also has a uniform gang component. Their main focus is to be highly visible in gang areas in order to deter criminal activity. Additionally, they work closely with the Gang Investigators, providing them with valuable street intelligence. These officers were selected because of their passion towards working street gangs.

Parents should be extremely aware of their children’s friends and activities. If a parent feels as though their child is being influenced by a gang, they should immediately intervene to find out why. If parents need assistance, there are numerous resources available including faith-based and community-based organizations.

Warning Signs of Gang Involvement 

  1. Gangs UnitProblems in school or lack of interest in school
  2. Physical assaults on and off campus
  3. Change in friends
  4. Change in hairstyle and/or style of dress
  5. Tattoos
  6. Nicknames
  7. Graffiti on personal items
  8. Change in personality (hostility towards parents, teachers, etc.)
  9. Staying out late at night

If you would like to report suspected gang activity in your neighborhood and would like to remain anonymous, please call the Oceanside Police Gang Hotline at (760) 435-4264.