Chief McCoy Bans Use of Carotid Restraint Technique

June 3, 2020

Dear Oceanside Residents,

As the Police Chief of Oceanside, I have made the decision to ban the Carotid Restraint, commonly referred to as a “chokehold” as a restraining option for our officers. I am aware this particular restraint option has been and continues to be considered unacceptable in many communities. It is time for our department to focus on alternative de-escalation tools and techniques that will help ensure the safety of those individuals in our custody. The Oceanside Police Department is committed to continuing to provide our officers with extensive training on de-escalation tactics and promoting new tools as appropriate alternatives.

Our department is committed to listening and learning from the community, as well as continually improving our relationship through each and every interaction with those we serve and protect.


Frank McCoy

Chief of Police